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How Can SketchTogether Help You?

Instantly share and collaborate with your team in real time

Work remotely with anyone, anywhere

Work with remote clients, dispersed teams, at home team members, and even individuals on the road.

SketchTogether effortlessly connects people, regardless of where they are geographically.

A tablet displaying a sketch in SketchTogether

Make it happen, fast

Set up a meeting instantly to share thoughts and ideas with others, and see their contributions in real time.

SketchTogether gets work done when it needs to be done; no overhead setting up, preparing slides, or inviting people to a meeting.

Contribute fluidly from any device

Use a tablet, desktop, electronic whiteboard, or even mobile phone to join.

SketchTogether enables effective and efficient creation, review, and organization of any type of content, as fluidly as pen and paper.

Access all content securely

Organize content per client, project, or other grouping of choice to revisit and edit it at any future time.

SketchTogether safely and securely manages all content in the cloud.

A laptop showing sketches organized in folders

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