Slack integration

Your online collaborative whiteboard has now come to Slack! Reduce emails even further by sharing your designs and mockups from SketchTogether directly to your Slack channels.

Integrate SketchTogether with Slack today by following these steps:

1. Log in to SketchTogether.

SketchTogether login page

You’ll need to already have an account and be logged in. Log in or sign up now.

2. Open any sketch, and press “Add to Slack”.

The megaphone menu on SketchTogether

Once you open a sketch, you can tap the megaphone icon on the righthand side to open the “Invite others” box. Use “Add to Slack” to connect your account.

3. Authorize SketchTogether on Slack.

Slack's authorization prompt

After being redirected to your Slack account page, click on the 'Authorize' button to let SketchTogether publish messages onto Slack.

Note that this will also add a Slack slash command called /sketch. With it, you can create a new public sketch inside your SketchTogether home folder just by typing

/sketch your new sketch name
All users inside the same Slack channel you're in will see a message with a link that they can click to quickly jump to that sketch.
Sketch slash command on Slack

This is the quickest way to take a discussion from a Slack channel to a sketch, if the need for visual collaboration arises.

4. Post the message to your Slack channel.

Post to Slack menu on SketchTogether

After you reload the sketch, you can open the “Invite others” box again to post a message. When posting, you can add a message and choose a channel to post before clicking “Post”.

Additionally, if other members of your Slack group don’t have a SketchTogether account, you can check “Make a sketch public” to allow them to open your sketch without logging in. If a sketch isn’t public, then they will need to log in to view your sketch.

5. Success! You can now see your message in Slack.

A SketchTogether sketch posted on a Slack channel

After posting, everyone will be able to see an image of your sketch in the posted channel. Anyone in the channel can also visit your sketch by clicking the blue link (visitors must be logged in to edit a sketch unless the sketch is public).

Also, the image of the sketch is a snapshot of when it was posted. If a sketch is posted multiple times, different versions will be visible on the channel (which may be helpful when trying to record the history of a design).

Helpful scenarios

Posting a design into your Slack group can help you communicate faster in your team and make your sketches more easily searchable.

You can also consider posting your sketches into Slack the next time you:

  • have a design mockup that you want to share and get feedback
  • want to document an architecture diagram
  • finish a meeting and want to share the notes with everyone
  • have a question on how something works and want to ask a colleague on Slack

We’re excited to now integrate with Slack. The barrier between being creative on a freeform canvas and communicating those ideas with your team is now one step shorter.

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