Video conferencing with SketchTogether

Enjoy the complete online meeting experience with SketchTogether and video conferencing. We’re happy to announce that you can now have face-to-face meetings during your whiteboard conversations directly within SketchTogether.

We have been receiving feedback from remote workers that they’ve been using SketchTogether alongside their video conferencing service, and it would save them time if they could just launch video conferencing from directly within their sketches. Thanks to’s APIs, we were able to do just that!

1. Using video conferencing in your sketch

Starting a video call within SketchTogether

You can start video conferencing from any sketch simply by opening the phone menu on the right, as shown above. Once the panel is active, you can invite others to your SketchTogether video call either by sending the share link at the top of the video panel, or by asking them to also toggle the video call within the same sketch.

Special note for mobile devices: when launching the integration from an Android tablet or iPad, it may open in a new window or launch the official app. In both cases, you can switch back to SketchTogether while the video conferencing service runs in the background.

2. Focusing on sketching

While in a video conference, you can hide the call panel by clicking on the “Hide call” button at the top. This will keep your call active (webcam included), while letting you use all of your screen’s real estate to sketch your ideas.

You can get back to your call panel by opening the phone menu again and clicking the “Show call” button. When you’re done with your call, simply click on the red “Hang up” button at the top.

Finally, the controls at the bottom of the call panel let you disable your camera or mute your microphone if needed.

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